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The Dangers of DIY Electrical Work

Do it yourself is becoming a common trend with various blogs, TV shows and online videos available to guide on the same. You obviously save some money, especially during tough economic times and feel proud when you accomplish a task by yourself.

However, when it comes to electrical works, you need to think twice. Electrical work includes constructing, installing, testing, repairing, maintaining, replacing or removing electrical equipment.

Unless you are an electrician, you should leave your electrical tasks no matter how simple to a licensed expert. Slight mistakes can lead to the destruction of property and loss of life. Here are some dangers you might encounter when you try to do it yourself. Don’t risk your life when you can hire a professional and keep your family safe.

The Dangers of DIY Electrical Work

DIY Electrical Work

Levitra prezzo più conviniente nella farmacia online. Levitra 20 mg prezzo in farmacia online senza ricetta. Dove acquisto levitra Originale senza ricetta del medico? Electrocution

Electrocution is the most common disaster that occurs during electrical works. You stand the risk of electrocution if you touch a live connection.

Electrocution can also happen if you incorrectly cut through cables. Often electrocution occurs because you forgot to switch off the current at the mains or switch.

High voltage can cause severe burns that could render you incapacitated for the rest of your life. Electric shock can damage your nerves and even stop the heart which means death.

In case of an accident, a friend or family member may face the same risks if they try to rescue you. Stay safe and don’t risk your life. Companies such as VIP Electricians provide free safety tips and onsite training on how to change a light bulb correctly without risking electrocution. Danger of fire

Poorly installed electrical wires could lead to infernos. Poor wiring is the leading cause of electrical fires that kill hundreds each year. Apart from bad wiring, electrical fires can arise from faulty installations, loose wires or the use of wrong equipment.

An inferno can originate in an electric socket and spread to other parts of your home and neighborhood. You will incur a higher cost of reconstructing and replacing your belongings than you would if you hire a professional. High fines and liability

Conducting unlicensed electrical works could cost you hefty penalties. Carrying out unauthorized electrical installation is illegal. In case of any damage, you could face high penalties or face a jail term.

Keep in mind that insurance companies do not compensate for damages arising from unlicensed electrical work. You will bear the cost of compensation for any losses that may occur.

The good thing about hiring experts is that they have their own insurance and will offer a warranty on their work, eliminating worries and liability issues. Lack of Knowledge and using the wrong products

It should not escape your mind that you do not understand everything as does an electrician. Many homeowners fail to understand the appropriate size of wires and cables.

Electrical cables come in various types and sizes. The size and kind of a cable determine the way an electrician should use it. If you install the wrong size, it may result in overheating.

All wires should match their respective appliances. Appliances such as the television use different cables from those used for heating appliances such as electric cookers. Such knowledge lacks among many homeowners.

DIY electrical works can lead to overloading of power boards and electrical outlets. Overloading could also occur on electrical box connections which protect against external elements.

Overloading causes straining of the circuits; this can lead to overheating or short-circuiting. Often the problem of overloading arises when an inexperienced person performs the electrical installation.

follow link Hidden mistakes

Just because everything is running after repairs or installations does not guarantee all is well. Electricity is invisible, and when you do something wrong, you may fail to realize it until it is too late.

Power will flow just like it would when done by an expert. However, a smoldering fire could be hidden behind the walls. Other dangers of hidden problems include short-circuiting and shock hazards.

DIY Electrical Work

click here Problems with house inspections

When you decide to sell your home, potential buyers need to inspect the house before purchasing. A house inspection examines the condition of your home including the electrical system. Often DIY electrical repairs fail to pass the evaluation.

Substandard electrical work will not only lead to hefty penalties but will repulse potential buyers. No one wants to buy a potentially unsafe house or one that can cost a lot to redo the electrical work.

While it seems inexpensive to do it yourself, the cost of rectifying a mistake is often expensive and sometimes irreversible. When done poorly, electrical works can lead to many problems.

Even when done correctly, failure to observe the law can lead to fines or even a jail term. It is very easy to commit a small mistake that can endanger property or the lives of others.

A simple electrical repair can turn into a big problem in the future, even if everything appears fine at the moment. The best decision is to hire a qualified electrician. An expert has the knowledge and capacity to avert electrical problems. If you learn what not to do then you will ensure the safety of your family and friends.

Importance of Pest Inspections Prior To Purchase

Importance of Building & Pest Inspections

When you are purchasing a house, you are making one of the biggest investments of your life. It does not hurt to be extra careful before you make the payment – since many things that could go wrong. A thorough and rigorous inspection of your new house, for one, will also put you in a much better place to negotiate.

Pests can cause serious harm to your property. A termite outbreak can cost thousands to fix. Local exterminator Adam Love of Pro Pest Control Sydney says that “most home buyers aren’t aware they need an inspection until the real estate agents recommend it”. “We would like to educate prospective buyers and investors of the importance of building and pest inspections” he stated. “Early detection of termites and other creepy crawlies can save thousands of dollars in the long run. It’s definately worth a few hundred dollars to have a house inspected”, he closed with.

Pest Inspections

Why Do You Need a Pest Inspection?

Pests could be just about anywhere, from the roofs to inside the cooling or heating system. Even a visit to the house wouldn’t tell you much – pest infestation isn’t always visible from the outside – the problem could be hidden underneath.

  • Only professional eyes will be able to detect the growing pests and prevent you from splurging on a damaged house.
  • A professional pest inspector helps you to evaluate the risk of facing a pest problem later on.


Why should you arrange for a pest inspection?

Pest inspections could take a look at everything from a termite menace, to a rat, ant or spider problem. It could also take a look at any weed problems in the backyard, helping you make the right decision.

  • A pre-purchase pest inspection in today ‘s real estate market is not only useful but also essential.
  • You will know about any pest problem on the property, helping you make the investment decision.
  • The pest problem can help you to negotiate a better price for the property.

You can do the needful repairs afterwards but make sure that it remains profitable for you -a professional tells you how much you have to spend to make the home right.

The pest control inspector will also give you an idea about any future risks and how you can eliminate the risk factor.

Benefits of Pest Inspections

  • You will know how good your real estate deal is over the longer run.
  • Check everything from the electrical system to the plumbing components for any sign of infestation.

Be aware of what you are investing in:

  • Evaluate the correct value of your purchase:
  • Look to assess the actual value of a property.
  • Avoid a loss if there is an existing pest problem.

Based on the pest inspection report, have a chat with your negotiator regarding the price of the property.

Pest Inspections

It’s Time to Be Safe

The other thing with pest inspection is that it gives you a detailed report on every pest problem that the house has. You would know, for instance, how bad a termite inspection is.

  • Pest attacks can affect the quality of food and lead to several illnesses.
  • Pest infection can be particularly difficult to get rid of – and could even be life threatening; you wouldn’t want to have spiders or snakes all around you.
  • Heavy pest infestation could also cause structural damages, including foundation damage.
  • Damaged and weakened walls can collapse after a point, potentially causing injuries in your family.

To find out more on property inspections visit the Fair Trading NSW website.

Before you seal the deal, check out every nook and corner of the house – these basic steps ensure that the house remains pest-free now and in the future.

Home Building Inspection Reports

Inspection Reports Overview

Building Inspection Reports

So you have found what you call a dream home. You can imagine your family living in seemingly perfect property and enjoying the lush garden. But are you sure whether the building is a dud or a steal? A home building inspection report will give you peace of mind and ensure the dream home does not turn into nightmare.

What is a home building inspection?

A home building inspection can be defined as a detailed assessment of a property that you are keen to make a dream home. It is usually carried out before a contract is signed. This is meant for the concerned parties to estimate cost of repairs. In addition, it can be used to provide home value estimate for purposes of negotiating the price. For the buyer, it means reduced risk of purchasing problematic property.

Why people need home building inspection reports?

A home inspection report is very important to both home buyers and home owners. Visit the Findlaw article to learn more about the benefits of pre-purchase reports. There is a need to have detailed inspection report carried out on the property. Home owners require building stage inspections. This is necessary to ensure they end up with structurally sound home. Building is known to a complex process and not all the contractors currently on the market can be trusted to perform an exemplary job. Inspections are there to ensure the home is built in accordance to stipulated safety and structural codes and standards.

Home buyers need a report in order to ensure they get the true value for their hard-earned money. It is not possible to establish safety and structural standards of any home without doing a building inspection. As a rule of the thumb, you cannot trust all home sellers. In this case, pest and pre-purchase inspection reports help buyers discover real value of a home before buying it. In addition, it gives them a room to start negotiations should the property have flaws.

Why are they important?

With these types of reports home sellers will be able to avoid unpleasant surprises. Detecting issues early in your home will give you an opportunity to perform maintenance and repair works before potential buyers are aware of them. Therefore a report will save you from obnoxious surprises during negotiations phase. There are situations when potential buyers pull out during the last stage when they become aware of the flaws that are not mentioned in the report.

Contrary to what many people belief, home building inspections save home owners money. It is important to note that repairs are quite expensive when they are undertaken by home buyers. For instance, a buyer can take advantage of the flaws to give a very low offer or even inflate cost of repairs in order to get better deal.

Depending on what city you are in there is a range of options for finding qualified inspectors especially in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. “People should do their research and always ask if the inspection comes with an accuracy warranty, meaning they are required to re-inspect should there is any issues in the future. Also check how long the company has been in business for and if they are trained building inspectors.” quoted Mr McPherson from Pro Inspections. He also recommended to compare at-least 3 different companies and check pricing as it is very competitive. Get them to play off each other so you get the best possible deal.

What is in the reports?

Inspection Report Inclusions

First there is defects and completion report. These are types of reports which are acquired after the completion of construction. They are a summary of the condition of the property. Moreover, the reports state whether there are any additions or extensions made to the property. After this, there is a dilapidation report, which identifies condition of property that is completed prior to start of any construction work done on adjacent property. It outlines property condition and whether the surrounded work is likely to affect current structure.

The report will also contain information about warranties. It will identify any defects that are present within the home building. It is important to note that this report is usually required by the insurance companies before they offer you home warranty insurance. Therefore, this report plays a crucial role in determining the amount of premiums you are likely to pay.

Pest inspection report must be included in the final home building inspection report. This is focused on assessing presence of pest infestation and the associated damage. This part is undertaken by professional pest controllers. They will check possibility of damage or damage caused by insects, dry rot, termites, and bugs.

Usually, the report will detail condition of a number of elements such as:

  • Plumbing
  • Windows and doors
  • Guttering
  • Electrical wiring
  • Ceilings and roof space
  • Retaining walls
  • Driveways and any illegal alterations or additions to the home
  • Pest and Termite Infestation


What if I don’t get a satisfactory report?

If you feel that something has gone wrong in your building inspection and either the inspector wasn’t licensed or didn’t do a thorough job it is advised to contact them and ask to do another report. If they refuse you have the option of reporting them. The Queensland Government has a complaints section for this instance, visit the Queensland Building & Construction Commission.

Cost of a home building inspection

You should note that there is no fixed rate for home building inspection. The fee is usually dependent on the property size. Small properties can be done as cheap as $250 with larger properties anywhere up to $750. The fact is that you will not be able to afford a building inspection for every property you view. Make a shortlist of 2-3 and discuss with the owners about sharing fees on the inspections.

How to Become a Building Inspector

How to Become a Building Inspector in Australia

Become A Building Inspector

If you are looking for a residential or a commercial property, it is inevitable to hire a building inspector. Of course, you don’t want to waste your money in an investment that will not prosper.

So, what does a building inspector have to do with the luck of your business?

Duties of Building Inspectors

When looking for a property to buy, it is important to undertake a building and pest inspection. This is one of the duties of a building inspector. He ensures that the property you are buying is free of pest infection and damages.

A building inspector investigates thoroughly whether the property is a “good buy” or not. He has his ways to discover the hidden flaws of a property, especially in the field of pest infection. Sellers as businessmen will not always be transparent about the condition of their property because they want to sell the property immediately.

So, it is the duty of a building inspector to verify that not too many repairs are needed before giving the buyer the green light.

Duties of a building inspector, what can can and cannot do.

  • Not permitted to perform procedures that include digging as well as cutting.
  • Is permitted to access areas mentioned by the owner.
  • He must use a termatrac and a thermal imaging camera to identify pest infestations such as termites.


Upon Completion of the Inspection

  • A full analysis report about the building inspection done.
  • Identify all the issues that need immediate attention.


Building Inspector Training in Australia

Master Builders Building Inspector Courses

One of the leading training institutions for building inspectors in Australia is the Master Builders. They offer a 2-day course for $650.

In order to be a full-fledged building inspector in Australia, one needs to meet the requirements prescribed by the Queensland Building and Construction Commission.

Queensland Building & Construction Commission

In connection with this, Master Builders has prepared a program for individuals who want to pursue a profession as a building inspector.

The training program is based from AS 4349.1-2007 Inspection of Buildings – Pre-purchase inspections – Residential Buildings.

The training also teaches aspiring building inspectors certain communication skills, pre-inspection deliberation, techniques as well as methods in site inspection, writing report as well as contracts and building legislation in Queensland.

Building Inspector Qualifications in Australia

The question on how to become a building inspector revolves on the qualifications needed to thrive in this field. What are these?

  • An applicant must have a high school diploma, highlighting science as well as math
  • An applicant must undergo a program organized by a reputable institution
  • He must have completed courses related to managing projects as well as constructing building
  • He must fully understand the fundamentals about surveying, building codes, construction materials and contractual law


Being a building inspector is a profession that lets you learn continuously because you are in a business where materials as well as new technology constantly evolve.

If you really want to be a building inspector, complete the above-mentioned requirements and work hard.

The Importance Of Thermal Imaging Cameras

Learn About Thermal Image Technology Used In Building Inspections

Benefits Of Thermal Imaging

We all dream to have homes that will reflect the way we want to live. However, we sometimes forget to consider all the practical details concerning construction of our homes from the day the first stone is laid to the day the last facet of finishing is done. Gone are the days when building technology would make us feel like old Jurassic fossils and therefore it is imperative to embrace the latest technology in the every aspect of the construction of a home. Thermal imaging is one of such technologies, and below is a sneak peak of its benefits and applications in building inspections.

What is thermal imaging?

Thermal imaging is a branch of thermal imaging science where thermographic cameras detect infrared radiation from the magnetic spectrum to produce images called thermograms. These images are created depending on the detected temperature variations and it is possible to read temperature values from the image through the use of complex algorithms.

The salient benefits of thermal imaging

Thermal Image Of A Home

The proliferation of thermal imaging technology has hit the ground running in the recent times due to its wide spectrum of uses and applications. Here are a few of its benefits.

  • It is useful in monitoring some physiological changes such as allergic reactions in human beings and for veterinary use in other warm blooded animals
  • It is useful in surveillance activities
  • Firefighters use thermal imaging to see through smoke and rescue fire victims who may be trapped in the smoke
  • It allows maintenance technicians to locate overheating sections and joints of power lines which may lead to power failure
  • It is used in building and construction to fix thermal insulation as well as heating and air conditioning problems. It is also essential in performing home inspections and determining energy losses in buildings
  • Several medical applications such as medical imaging, Breast thermography and peripheral vascular disease screening are based on thermal imaging
  • It is used in Digital infrared thermal imaging in health care
  • It is also used in Condition monitoring, thermal Mapping, stereo vision, research, process control, Nondestructive testing, chemical imaging and Volcanology. The list is long
  • The use of thermal imaging when doing a building inspection on a home

As noted above, thermal imaging is very useful in several sections of the building and construction sector. When it comes to inspections, thermal imaging is important due to a myriad of reasons. Here are a few of them.

  1. Thermal imaging cameras can scan entire buildings as well as heating and HVAC installations without missing any area that may be a source of problems in the future. This enhances accuracy and efficiency.
  2. They facilitate non-invasive testing which detect the areas that need to be repaired as well as checking for energy efficiency, locating missing insulation and energy loss areas and verifying proper system operation.
  3. They assist in performing low slope and flat roofing inspections, building envelope inspections and moisture Inspections.
  4. They reveal pest infestation nests, air leaks around windows and doors and hidden plumbing and roof leakages. They also identify overloaded electric circuits and asses possibility of fire and water damage to the building materials.
  5. ndeed, thermal imaging cameras give a full image of the entire situation even when systems are under load and give a precise indication of what is to be fixed or changed. In so doing, they help you to save time and money. Their ease of use adds color to the already good package.

Where to buy thermal imaging cameras

There are various online and offline stores that stock thermal imaging cameras. FLIR series of thermal imaging cameras are particularly popular and are available in most building accessories shops. Amazon and eBay are the hallmark online stores for imaging cameras while Industrial Precision Instruments Pty Ltd and Australian Thermal Imaging Pty Ltd are just a few companies that can be of great help in purchasing imaging cameras especially in Australia.

Costs of thermal imaging cameras

The importance of thermal imaging cameras is not a prerequisite for exorbitant pricing. Actually, most designs of thermal imaging cameras are affordable as they do not cost an arm or a leg. There are actually thermal imaging cameras for all budgets starting from $ 1000. For instance, you can get a FLIR thermal ICI infrared camera for only $ 1999.00 (eBay).

In conclusion, the application of thermal imaging technology in building inspections deserves plaudits. It has been and will continue being pivotal in ensuring safety and security of the homeowners. No wonder the popularity of thermal imaging cameras grows by the minute.



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