What is a Building Inspection?

Australian Building Inspections Explained

http://cinziamazzamakeup.com/?x=vardenafil-originale-20-mg-economico Building inspection is a visual proves while seeks to ensure that the components and structure of a building is performing well and is safe for the inhabitants. After a property inspection is carried out, the inspector is tasked with the duty of detailing the problem in a report, together with suggestions on how to improve them. The building inspector may also make a recommendation for further evaluation. A building inspection is mainly done when a property is closed during a sales process.

Why is building inspection important?

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  • It helps you avoid buying a property that has many problems
  • It helps the buyer decide whether to continue with closing of the property or not
  • The inspections report can be used for negotiating price reductions

go here As soon as a potential buyer receives the inspection report, its imperative that he or she goes through it and come up with a list of the things which must be looked at. However, its very important that you seek the services of a professional and unbiased inspector who will help you know the actual condition of the building. Don’t be tempted to hire a friend or a family to undertake this important task for you because the results can be compromised.

Types of Building Inspections:


1. General Building Inspection


http://cinziamazzamakeup.com/?x=viagra-generico-50-mg-spedizione-veloce-a-Firenze This seeks to evaluate the overall condition of the building. Among the things which the inspection professionals will look at include the roof, ceiling, water and sewerage systems, and plumbing systems. The existence of pests and other destructive elements is also checked. The floors, foundation, fire detection systems, mold testing, radiation testing and thermal testing are also done. The inspector will seek to evaluate the overall state of safety of the building.

2. Pre Purchase Inspection

  • This kind of inspection is done before you complete a sale agreement of a building
  • It helps the buyer understand if he or she is getting real value for money
  • Any problem that is detected during the inspection process must be fixed before closing is done


3. Building & Pest Inspection

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go to link Pests can cause immense damage to a building, especially the wooden parts. They can also be a source of nuisance to the inhabitants of the building. Unfortunately, most types of pests live in hidden places that cannot be seen, but this should not be a problem for an experienced buildings inspections company.

4. Building Stage Inspection

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Building stage inspection is done to ascertain if a building at a particular stage of construction meets sound safety and structural requirements. Some construction companies have their in-house inspectors while others use the services of an external, independent consultant.


Understanding what is a building inspection and knowing what is covered in a building inspection is of paramount importance when buying a property. Property inspection is not very necessary in Australia, but it’s highly recommended. There are many building inspection companies which you can count on to provide you with high quality services no matter your location in Australia. The cost of inspecting a building is quite affordable and is mainly paid by the person who commissioned it.