Inspection Reports Overview Building Inspection Reports

So you have found what you call a dream home. You can imagine your family living in seemingly perfect property and enjoying the lush garden. But are you sure whether the building is a dud or a steal? A home building inspection report will give you peace of mind and ensure the dream home does not turn into nightmare.

What is a home building inspection?

A home building inspection can be defined as a detailed assessment of a property that you are keen to make a dream home. It is usually carried out before a contract is signed. This is meant for the concerned parties to estimate cost of repairs. In addition, it can be used to provide home value estimate for purposes of negotiating the price. For the buyer, it means reduced risk of purchasing problematic property.

Why people need home building inspection reports?

A home inspection report is very important to both home buyers and home owners. Visit the Findlaw article to learn more about the benefits of pre-purchase reports. There is a need to have detailed inspection report carried out on the property. Home owners require building stage inspections. This is necessary to ensure they end up with structurally sound home. Building is known to a complex process and not all the contractors currently on the market can be trusted to perform an exemplary job. Inspections are there to ensure the home is built in accordance to stipulated safety and structural codes and standards.

Home buyers need a report in order to ensure they get the true value for their hard-earned money. It is not possible to establish safety and structural standards of any home without doing a building inspection. As a rule of the thumb, you cannot trust all home sellers. In this case, pest and pre-purchase inspection reports help buyers discover real value of a home before buying it. In addition, it gives them a room to start negotiations should the property have flaws.

Why are they important?

With these types of reports home sellers will be able to avoid unpleasant surprises. Detecting issues early in your home will give you an opportunity to perform maintenance and repair works before potential buyers are aware of them. Therefore a report will save you from obnoxious surprises during negotiations phase. There are situations when potential buyers pull out during the last stage when they become aware of the flaws that are not mentioned in the report.

Contrary to what many people belief, home building inspections save home owners money. It is important to note that repairs are quite expensive when they are undertaken by home buyers. For instance, a buyer can take advantage of the flaws to give a very low offer or even inflate cost of repairs in order to get better deal.

Depending on what city you are in there is a range of options for finding qualified inspectors especially in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. “People should do their research and always ask if the inspection comes with an accuracy warranty, meaning they are required to re-inspect should there is any issues in the future. Also check how long the company has been in business for and if they are trained building inspectors.” quoted Mr McPherson from Pro Inspections. He also recommended to compare at-least 3 different companies and check pricing as it is very competitive. Get them to play off each other so you get the best possible deal.

What is in the reports?

Inspection Report Inclusions

First there is defects and completion report. These are types of reports which are acquired after the completion of construction. They are a summary of the condition of the property. Moreover, the reports state whether there are any additions or extensions made to the property. After this, there is a dilapidation report, which identifies condition of property that is completed prior to start of any construction work done on adjacent property. It outlines property condition and whether the surrounded work is likely to affect current structure.

The report will also contain information about warranties. It will identify any defects that are present within the home building. It is important to note that this report is usually required by the insurance companies before they offer you home warranty insurance. Therefore, this report plays a crucial role in determining the amount of premiums you are likely to pay.

Pest inspection report must be included in the final home building inspection report. This is focused on assessing presence of pest infestation and the associated damage. This part is undertaken by professional pest controllers. They will check possibility of damage or damage caused by insects, dry rot, termites, and bugs.

free lasix screening green bay Usually, the report will detail condition of a number of elements such as:


What if I don’t get a satisfactory report?

If you feel that something has gone wrong in your building inspection and either the inspector wasn’t licensed or didn’t do a thorough job it is advised to contact them and ask to do another report. If they refuse you have the option of reporting them. The Queensland Government has a complaints section for this instance, visit the Queensland Building & Construction Commission.

Cost of a home building inspection

You should note that there is no fixed rate for home building inspection. The fee is usually dependent on the property size. Small properties can be done as cheap as $250 with larger properties anywhere up to $750. The fact is that you will not be able to afford a building inspection for every property you view. Make a shortlist of 2-3 and discuss with the owners about sharing fees on the inspections.